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SOCAL_GEEKS welcomes you!

Whether you call yourself a geek or not, this community is for collectors, comic fans, tabletop gamers, board gamers, video gamers and all-around hobbyists, living in the Southern California area.

Ideally, you can use this community to discuss local events, arrange tournaments, assemble leagues or LARPs, share tips or stories, and do some trading. However, all-around discussion is welcome too. Pretty much anything goes, as long as it can be tied to the basic idea of the community.

NOTE: When posting pictures, if they are large (say, more than 400px on either side) or if there are many of them, please use the LJ-cut.

REMEMBER: Keep your communications civil, and use basic netiquette. When it comes to hobbies, to each his/her own. Debate is fine, but no flame wars!

And finally, spammers and trolls (well, not those trolls) will be BANNED.

Advertisement Policy

- DO advertise: trade offers and personal sales of geek-related items; upcoming geek events.

- DO NOT advertise: trade/sales/events irrelevant to the community.

- You may only advertise other communities with permission from the mods (pinkerdot and redorangelegend).

Now, go forth and spread the word!

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