thelastmehina (thelastmehina) wrote in socal_geeks,

Hunter: the Vigil LARP in Los Angeles

Cross-posting to hell and gone, my apologies for people who get this multiple times.

I picked up Hunter: the Vigil a couple weeks ago. And it is a fantastic and wonderful game. So fantastic and wonderful, in fact, that I want to run it. As a troupe game. Completely unaffiliated with any organized play group... just me and my staff, running the game the way I think would be the most fun for everyone.

I've been working on developing the setting for the past little while. And so, I can gladly announce, the wiki is here:, and the yahoogroup is here: The first game is tentatively scheduled for the first Friday of October, starting at 7 pm, at the Glendale City Hall.

Right now, the game will probably be run in the L.A. area - but I have folks interested in the game from Santa Barbara to Orange County, so I'm up for shifting the game site to make it convenient for everyone (or, as will likelier be the case, equally inconvenient for everyone!).

Tell your friends! Spread it around! It'll be totally awesome! If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me at lady dot von dot syrus at gmail dot com.
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