camarillakai (camarillakai) wrote in socal_geeks,

San Diego Vampire: The Requiem & Werewolf: The Forsaken LARP's

My name is Kai and I am currently deployed to Iraq, but shall be returning in the middle of next month. I am a member of the Camarilla, White Wolf's Official Fan Club and Global Sanctioned Chronicle. Over the course of this deployment the number of local players has dropped significantly. With my return, I hope to open up an opportunity for new players to join the game and make this as large a game as it once was, if not bigger and better.

As such, I am announcing my intention to hold a game focusing on new players. I will be available to introduce people to the game. Currently, we hold games at the SDSU campus on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month.

We are also discussing a brand new Werewolf: The Forsaken game for those who are interested. This will likely take place 2 Fridays a month, to be announced at a later time.

If you are interested in either the Intro game for Vampire: The Requiem or the new game of Werewolf: The Forsaken, please email me at CamarillaKai at gmail.
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