Regi (Raphaella Guiditta Helia Benintendi) (trust_my_heart) wrote in socal_geeks,
Regi (Raphaella Guiditta Helia Benintendi)

Anyone going to the LosCon ( sci-fi convention Thanksgiving Weekend near LAX? I want to go but don't know anyone else who's going and I don't want to go alone. I'm not into anything so hard core that I'd go regardless.  I used to "cheat" and volunteer at conventions to save myself the torture of attending alone - keeping busy and being behind the scenes is a whole different world than being a regular attendee. The last con I went to was a disaster - see my notes in the "unsent" letters community and prepare to die a little bit...

Anyway I dabble in comics, Magic the Gathering, video games - I haven't played any on a long time due to work and not having a decent console - sci-fi including Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, strange stuff like Roswell, Alien Nation, old stuff like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and anything that's FUN most importantly. I guess it's a general kind of geekdom, but I like it and the people are fun and I need to get over some stuff, so someone write me back and let's have a drink and be geek(ier)!

IM or email me here at LJ.

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