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Next Saturday night... [11 Jun 2010|10:27am]
Theatre Unleashed presents BOARDING THE MOTHERSHIP - a 24 hour theatre event - June 19th @ 10:30pm - ONE NIGHT ONLY

Theatre Unleashed is celebrating the anniversary of the first documented UFO sighting in North America with another of its signature 24-hour theatre events...Boarding the Mothership. The evening before the show, writers will be given a specific topic related to aliens and UFOs, tons of caffeine and just a single night to write a short play. It will immediately be handed over to a director and a few actors who have only that morning and afternoon to produce their piece. Theatre Unleashed will then showcase the end results that night. These have proven to be one of the company's most popular events. Come, earthlings, see what the buzz is all about! For more information...>>
Theatre Unleashed  presents Boarding the Mothership - a 24 hour theatre event
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