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Southern California anime fans!

Hi! I'm new here and I'm really glad that I found this community. SoCal is the best! <3

Anyway, just a couple of announcements for any anime fans living around around LA and Orange County -- we have two big anime cons coming up in a couple of weeks, Anime Expo in Downtown Los Angeles and AM^2 in the Anaheim Convention Center (right across the street from Disneyland). Fortunately for some (and unfortunately for others), both cons are taking place on Independence Day weekend, and each has it's own free activities to offer this year.

-- AM^2 is free admission for all main events (Dance, Exhibit Hall, Autograph Sessions, Arcade, ect.), with options to buy passports for discounts/early entrance to events/extra goodies. Even better, our favorite American importer of manga Tokyopop (RIP) will be holding one last liquidation sale in AM^2's exhibit hall. For those not in the know, Tokyopop announced that it's North American branch, situated in LA, would be closing at the end of May. They had one liquidation sale in their LA office early May, and now this one. If you missed the first one, I'd definitely recommend checking this one out. If it's anything like the one they had before, it's going to be magnificent! 

--Anime Expo announced last week that they will be selling Exhibit Hall Only passes and Dance only passes. Prices for those vary depending on the days you're gonna be there, but they're worth it if those are your only interests. They're cheaper than full passes, anyway. Even better, Exhibit Hall will now be free after 3:30 PM. Yesterday, it was announced that refunds and downgrades for passes will now be accepted, regardless of the date you bought them. Check out their website for more info. :)

Personally, I'll be checking out both this year. Those free options are really sweet, especially regarding that Tokyopop sale at AM^2!
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